Classic Toyota & Automotive Links
TOYMods Car Club! -Australian Car Club for modified Toyota's.
HP - Toyota 1600GT Owner`s Report -Masa's Toyota Corona 1600GT Web site.
ROBAKUN -Robert's Site Dedicated to Old School Toyota's and Yamaha's.
Logan's Home Page - GT TA22 Celica and 18RG RT40 Corona Buildup!
Stepho's Corona Web Site -A very detailed site about Toyota Corona Production data and Info.
Classic Corolla -1968 KE15 Corolla Sprinter, the first of the sporting Corolla's.
Classic Toyota Town -A Cyber-Garage for Vintage Toyotas & more...
Toyota Geeks Classic Toyota Town -The Wonderful World Of Vintages Toyota's.
Inductions Toyota Corona Page -This page is dedicated to the venerable 1969 Toyota Corona. You probably wonder why this car is so special.
Toyota Owners & Restorers Club - The Toyota Owners and Restorers Club, established in 1995, is an organization aimed at the enthusiast of all Toyota automobiles - both the early as well as the later models.
69 Toyota Corona -postings on chat board.
1964 TOYOPET RT40 CORONA -The RT40 had sleek, arrow-line styling, and its maximum speed was improved
 to 140 km/h. A continuous running test of 100,000km was conducted publicly
 on the newly opened Meishin Expressway, imprinting the image of the new
Corona as a pioneer of the age of expressways. The RT40 succeeded both in
 the domestic and foreign markets and raised Toyota's technological standard to
  the international level. 
ArrowLine Corona Owner's Club of Japan -Japanese based Classic Corona Club.
V8 Cressida -A Lexus V8 1UZFE powered Cressida. 1UZ MANIA!. 'There can never be "too much" 1UZ-FE' 
Twin Turbo V8 TA22 Celica -Jamie's Twin turbo intercooled 1UZ-FE V8 in a TA22 Celica.
LEXTREME!!! -A Lexus Performance Discussion Forum.
300 RWHP SUPRA GTE -1984 MK2 Toyota Supra.
LOFT HOBBY PAGE -Japanese Toyota S800 Home Page.
2000 6th Old Car Meeting in Mikawa -Pictures of 6th Old Car Meeting at Chuo Sogo park in Okazaki City 13rd May. 2001. 
RUSI's GARAGE - An immaculate looking Orange 1966 RT40 Corona.
The Matt Mobile! -1980 Toyota Corona Lift-back Project car.
TOYOTA CRESSIDA .com -Your Online Toyota Cressida Resource.
TOYOTA OLDIES! - A Great German Site dedicated to Classic Toyota's.

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